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Sonresa Ochoa-Vidales



Undergrad Student



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Sonresa is originally from the biggest little city in the world, Reno, Nevada, and lived there until she was nine years old. After that, she lived in Orem Utah where she graduated from Timpanogos High School. Here at the U, Sonresa is a Biology major with an emphasis in Microbiology. She loves rare things and also has a passion for science, which has led her to become really interested in studying viruses. Sonresa plans on attending graduate school to study virology, so that after graduation she can study some of the rarest and most lethal viruses (Ebola is a famous example). A question she gets asked frequently is: ​What’s your favorite virus? Her answer: "​It’s hard to pick, so I don’t have one yet!" (Maybe the Elde lab will help her realize that poxviruses are the best!)


Outside of viruses and her studies, Sonresa loves any sport that uses some kind of net (except for basketball, she's not a big fan of that) and she also loves ice and roller skating. She also has has a sweet tooth and a particular love for cupcakes and ice cream :)