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Matt Barber



NIH K99 fellow

NIH F32 Postdoc Fellowship

evolutionary genetics & cell biology

Matt’s primary research goal is to understand the functional and evolutionary basis for molecular arms races between pathogenic bacteria and their vertebrate hosts. His recent work has focused largely on the conflict between host nutritional immunity factors and bacterial strategies of “iron piracy.”


After spending much of his youth in Tokyo, Japan, Matt returned stateside to earn his undergraduate degree in molecular biology from Colgate University. He then moved to California to pursue a PhD at Stanford University, where he trained in the labs of Or Gozani and Katrin Chua investigating the biochemical and cellular roles of human chromatin modifying enzymes.


During graduate school Matt began to develop an interest in molecular evolution. In 2012 he joined the Elde lab where he has merged his background in biochemistry with genetic approaches to study various aspects of host-pathogen evolution.


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