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Ed grew up near the beaches of Southern California, and majored in Bioinformatics as an undergrad at the University of California, San Diego. There, he got his first research experience with Professor Hopi Hoekstra, investigating how parent-offspring conflict affects the rate of gene evolution in the placenta. Still captivated by the placenta, he joined Professor Julie Baker's lab at Stanford University for his PhD, where he demonstrated a potential role for endogenous retroviruses in facilitating the regulatory evolution of the placenta.


Deciding it was time to "leave the womb," Ed ventured off to Utah to postdoc with Nels Elde and Cedric Feschotte, where he is hoping to learn more about endogenous retroviruses and how they have shaped the evolution of the immune response. Outside the lab, Ed enjoys spending time in nature and is exploring the Utah outdoors with his hyperactive border collie.


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Ed Chuong



Jane Coffin Childs Fellow

evolutionary genetics & cell biology