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Elliot was born and raised in Salt Lake City. After graduating from Skyline High School, he began pursuing an honors degree in Biology at the University of Utah on a Presidential Scholarship. Motivated by the Honors Science Cohort to gain research experience, he joined the Elde lab where he works with Dr. Matt Barber.


Elliot is involved with a few projects in the lab, including a study of the evolutionary history of multiple asthma genes, and an investigation into the host/pathogen dynamics of innate immune factors. In addition to doing research, Elliot hopes to improve science education so that learning science is as fun as doing science. After he graduates, Elliot would like to go on to graduate school to pursue a PhD and eventually become a professor.


In his spare time, Elliot enjoys floating in large bodies of water or huddling indoors, reading a good book.

Elliot Lee


evolutionary genetics & cell biology